About Us

It's pretty simple. We love technology and we love people. Our goal is to help as many people through and with technology. Wanna join us? 

Proactive. Passionate. Proven.

Who Are We: 

It's not so much who are we, but what are we. We are a group of driven techies that love to serve people and help small businesses. Making a paycheck is just a bonus.

Our values:

People First

We serve others first. No jerks allowed.


We are a genuine, fun-loving team that share our passions with others.


We turn complicated ideas into easy-to-understand solutions. No Technobabble.


We speak truthfully, even if the truth is difficult to hear or deliver.


Fanatical attention to consistency and detail.


Where are we:

We started in Portland, Oregon in the early 2000s and have been growing into new markets ever since. Our technology solutions are now available nationwide and in many countries. 

NW Techs

13241 SE Holgate Blvd Suite B4, Portland, OR 97236

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