(On-Demand) The ABA Cybersecurity Recommendations

The American Bar Association has a thorough 450+ page handbook on cybersecurity. In this webinar, we will be breaking down the recommendations the ABA gives into actional steps for your law firm. Join our free webinar to understand more what cybersecurity measures you should have in place!

- Understand what cybersecurity practices the ABA recommends

- Get industry best practices for technology & data protection

- Extensive Q&A to get all your questions answered

If you're asking yourself any of these questions, this 1-hour webinar is for you:


  • What cybersecurity recommendations does the American Bar Association provide?
  • I have the ABA Cybersecurity Handbook but I'm having a hard time understanding what to implement. 
  • What are the best cybersecurity practices that my law firm should have in place?
  • How do I identify a technology partner to manage all of this for our law firm?
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