Reduce IT Dysfunction

Does your organization lack the time and expertise to manage your technology infrastructure?



As your business utilizes technology more and more,
the cost and burden of managing all of your
IT systems is taxing without the right help in place.

Here are some of the questions you may be asking yourself:

I'm spending too much time fixing IT issues

I don't have the time to fix the broken printer again or figure out the Wifi problem let alone what's going on with our server!

I'm unsure if we should be using Teams or Slack?

There are a lot of options for team collaboration and communication and I cannot figure out which one to use. 

I don't have anyone to go to

My business IT runs pretty well but when things break I don't have anyone to call. 

I love technology but it's hard to put it all together

I love all the productivity capabilities but it's challenging to integrate our CRM to our printing to our server to Quickbooks to Slack. How do they all fit together? 

Cloud-hosted is great but....

Yes, I want as much of my IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud but is that secure and what are the real pros and cons? 

My current IT partner is not responsive

I've had a long-term relationship with my current IT partner but they are not giving me the attention our organization needs. 

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Ready to reduce IT dysfunction and get your team back to work?

Every industry – from healthcare to legal to financial services – all firms depend on well functioning technology. Whether you have an in-house IT team or are outsourcing the work, we probably have a solution to provide your IT infrastructure. 

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Managed IT Solutions

How we can help you

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Rapid Remote Helpdesk

We'll log on remotely and look at your computer screen to resolve your issue.

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Managed Backups

Bare-metal backups of all your workstations and servers.

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Technology Consulting

Periodic meetings to discuss ongoing technical issues and provide guidance.

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System / Site Monitoring

We get notified when issues are detected (e.g. internet connectivity, hard disk corruption, etc.)

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Patch Management

We keep your systems up-to-date with the latest security patches.

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Edge Device Support

Maintenance of firewalls, routers, switches, and printers.

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Tool Recommendations

We specify and recommend what we feel is the most appropriate tool.

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Vendor Management

Interaction with and review of your other vendors’ services. (Example: ISP vendor, copier vendor, etc.)

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Systems Rollouts / Upgrades

Installation of new workstations, new servers, etc. 

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What's Next?

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Let's set up a meeting to discuss your team's specific technology needs. Click here to schedule.


Step 2: We'll Build A Plan

After we discuss your needs, we'll create a custom plan based on your team's needs and budget. 


Step 3: Get Back To Revenue-Generating Activities

We will implement our IT services and get your team back to revenue-generating activities.