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Managed IT

Per-User - No Contracts -  No Worries

Features (hover for more details)
Fully Managed
Helpdesk Support
Rapid response to technical issues or how-to questions.
Unlimited 24/7
Unlimited 24/7
Cybersecurity Best Practices
Enforcing MFA and other cybersecurity best practices across your entire organization.
Remote Monitoring
We will monitor your workstations, servers, network equipment, internet connections, etc.
Preventive Maintenance
Ensuring your servers and workstations are patched and updated regularly.
Managed Antivirus
We implement and manage antivirus on all machines, PC or MAC
Managed Backups
We will manage and monitor backing up your workstations/servers or cloud environment.
Technology Recommendations
Whether software or hardware, we will point you in the right direction for each tools you should be using.
Network Recommendations
We will recommend the appropriate networking gear your office requires.
Vendor Management
We will help you manage all your IT vendors.
IT Alignment Reviews
Periodic IT review to examine all your technology and ways to improve.
3rd Party Support Escalations
If you are having issues with Quickbooks (for example) we will track down the issue with them.
3rd Party Asset Management
We will organize all your 3rd party applications and providers.
Standard Operating Procedures
We will build a manual for how your IT should function (I.e. new employee's laptop)

- Onboarding fees not included. 

- Upgrades and Changes not included

-Minimum of 10 users for Essential Plan & 5 users minimum for Professional & Fully Managed Plans

Prices can change at anytime. Please request a quote. 





Managed Compliance

Pricing for organizations with up to 25 employees.

Per Organization - No Contracts - No Hidden Fees - No Worries

Features (hover for more details)
Fully Managed
Automated Awareness Training
Regular automated cybersecurity training for your team.
Simulated Phishing Testing
Weekly testing of your team to see if they will fall for a phishing scam.
Dark Web Monitoring
We'll regularly check the dark web to see if any of your private data has been compromised and being sold.
Breach Alerting & Analysis
We'll monitor your email and other application health to see if they have been compromised.
Vulnerability Scanning
We'll regularly scan your organization for possible vulnerabilities.
Annual Security Risk Assessment
A comprehensive risk assessment to help you see how secure your organization is.
Security Policies
Approximately 15 policies detailing data storage, employee termination, etc.
3rd Party Assessments (PCI-DSS)
If you manage credit card information, 3rd party assessment ensuring you are compliant.
3rd Party Questionnaires
I.e. client requires you to complete a security questionnaire or IRS questionnaire
Security Incident Assistance
If you had a breach, we will walk you through the proper sets to recover, report, and mitigate any losses.
Regular Log Reviews
We will regularly review logs for suspicious activity.
- Professional package requires a $1,000 onboarding fee and the Fully Managed require a $2,500 onboarding fee. 
- Please contact us for pricing if your organization is larger than 25 employees/users. 
Prices can change at anytime. Please request a quote. 





Managed Phones

Per-Extension - No Contracts - No Hidden Fees - No Worries

Features (hover for more details)
Fully Managed
Tech Support
Rapid technical support and how-to questions.
Unlimited 24/7
Unlimited Domestic Calls
Never worry about how many minutes you use.
Smartphone App
iPhone and Android compatible app. No hardware required.
Voice to Email
Get your voicemail by email. (Transcription available for an extra charge.)
Call Routing, Queues, etc
Configure your auto-attendant and routing to ensure your callers get to the right person quickly.
Group & Individual Training
Initial & ongoing group and one-on-one training for users.
Unique Direct Line Numbers
Get a unique direct line phone number.
1 Included
5 Included
Professionally Recorded Greetings
We will provide an initial professional recording at no cost to you.

- One-time $50 per extension onboarding fee is required for both packages. 
- Minimum of 10 users for Professional Plan
Prices can change at anytime. Please request a quote. 

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