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Episode #8 - Law Firms & Technology Series - Panel Discussion with Five Law Firm Leaders

In this week's episode, we highlight a panel discussion with did with five law firm leaders from around the country.
We covered topics ranging from working remotely to combating cybersecurity and everything in between. These five leaders brought their personal insights and experience.


Episode #7 - Lowering Fees By Not Traveling, Why Face-To-Face Is Still Important and Combating Cybersecurity Attacks

In this episode, we talked to Ethan Brown who is a Managing Partner at Brown Neri Smith & Khan LLP.
We discussed many topics ranging from lowering fees due to reduced travel, combating cybersecurity, and understanding when meeting face-to-face should still be a priority.

Episode #6 - Growing Your Business Over Zoom

In this week's episode, we shared a recent presentation we did on growing your business over Zoom. We covered topics ranging from creating successful webinars,
best practices for video conferencing, and a comparison of different video conferencing platforms. Listen in!

Episode #5 - Streamline Litigation Through Apps, Measuring Productivity, And More
(Guest: Michael Fuller)

In this week’s episode, we talked to Michael Fuller. He’s a partner at OlsenDaines. We talked through many different aspects of utilizing technology including streamlining litigation through custom applications, measuring your team’s productivity, and much more!

Episode #4 - Paperless, Cybersecurity & Willingness to Adapt
(Guest: Lisa Zeiderman)

In this week's episode, we talk to Lisa Zeiderman from Miller Zeiderman LLP. She shared her thoughts on paperless operations,
cybersecurity, and a willingness to adapt when it comes to technology.


Episode #3 - Law Firms & Technology Series - Using AI & Automation, Working Remotely And More
(Guest: Joshua Freeman)

In this week's episode, we talked to Joshua Freeman. Josh is the co-founder and partner of Freeman Lovell PLLC.
We discussed utilizing AI & automation, running a completely remote law firm, and much more!


Episode #2 - Law Firms & Technology Series - Hybrid Court Systems, New Age Law Firms & More

In this week's episode, we talked to Priyanka Sinha. She is the co-founder and partner
of an award-winning law firm A&P Partners based in Mumbai, India. We discussed
hybrid court systems, new age law firms, her firm being the first to use WhatsApp
in India for legal procedures, electronic signatures, and much more! 

Episode #1 - Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. Microsoft OneDrive

Are you trying to figure out where you should store your organization's files?
Maybe you are still using a server to store and share files internally or
are confused about which cloud storage provider is best. Go no further!
We have a full discussion on the best practices for file storage, things to avoid,
and a full comparison of the top cloud storage providers.