Digital Hygiene: Corporate-Level Security While At Home

Many organizations have great overall data security in the office, but are those systems the same at home? Are you worried you might compromise your family or business while at home or on the road? 
This webinar is designed to teach you how to be as secure as a corporate employee while at home. You don't necessarily need all the enterprise solutions you have in the office. 

Are you asking yourself:

  • How can I be as secure at home as when I'm in the office?
  • How can I make my personal accounts, passwords, etc more secure?
  • Are Password Managers (i.e. 1Password) worth the hassle even for personal use?
  • Do I really have to set-up MFA even for personal use?
  • How do I know if my personal logins have been breached?

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Here are a additional things you'll learn in this webinar:

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Make your passwords more secure

You'll learn the best practices for managing your personal and work passwords. 

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Protect data that's in transit

From VPNs to ensuring you are visiting secure sites, we'll teach you the best ways to surf the internet.

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Identify scams and protect your email

Email scams such as phishing campaigns are only the rise. Learn how to spot a scam!