(Webinar) How To Grow Your Business Over Zoom

(Webinar) How To Grow Your Business Over Zoom

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The digital-first world has enabled organizations to market and service clients in a whole new way. Tools like Zoom allow you to market and service clients in an incredibly scalable & cost-efficient way. Learn the best practices & ways to use Zoom to build relationships and get new clients!

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Northwest Technologies Group

We help organizations grow by solving IT & cybersecurity challenges.

Who should be attending this event?


  • Organizations looking to get clients in new markets

  • Organizations looking to have remote sales & marketing teams

  • Organizations looking to reduce their sales cycle

  • Organizations looking to have a scalable sales & marketing program 

What will you learn by attending this event? 

How to build relationships at scale over Zoom 

What you should be looking for in a video conferencing platform 

What tools you need to host an effective virtual meeting or webinar

Tips for how to be engaging over video

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