Webinar: How To Save 15-Minutes A Day Using A Password Manager
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How to Save 15-Minutes A Day Using A Password Manager 

Do you find yourself wasting time because you regularly get locked out of one online account or another? Or maybe you are struggling with securely sharing passwords with your team? 

Cybersecurity is a top concern for many organizations as cyber-crime has increased over the years. 
With everything moving to the cloud, many organizations have increased online tools and hence more passwords and logins. 
So let’s be honest, we all have more passwords, logins, and sensitive information now more than ever.  

With the increase in passwords & logins, you might be struggling with the best practices on what type of passwords to
create and then how to store and share them securely. In this webinar, we will be diving deep into the best practices for
 passwords and how password managers can help you achieve that. The cool part about password managers is that they are
not just for passwords but you can also store notes, credit card info, bank account info, etc.  

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In this webinar, you'll learn:


  • How to save time by easily creating & storing unique complex passwords.
  • The differences between Password Manager providers (i.e., 1Password, LastPass)
  • How to share passwords with your team or family easily & safely. 
  • How to manage multi-factor authentication more effectively (no more text messages!) 
  • How to get rid of that spreadsheet that holds all your company passwords.
  • How to store credit cards and other sensitive information more securely. 
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