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(Webinar) Ransomeware & The Right Back-Up Strategy 

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Threats to your organization's data are numerous and evolving. Join our free webinar to learn about current cyber threats from ransomware and other cybercrime and what back-up strategies you should have in place. 

Meet the Speakers

Taylor Wells

Director of Marketing At NW Techs

Desraie Thomas

Channel Development Manager

What will you learn by attending this event? 


  • Top cyber threats related to your data
  • Understanding how to handle each type of threat
  • What should your back-up strategy be for desktops and servers? 
  • What should your back-up strategy be for cloud services like email, CRM, etc? 

Who is this webinar for?

Any organization that stores sensitive data (law firms, financial firms, etc.) and want to learn how to protect their data better.

Any organization that wants to learn what the current cyber threats are to their organization.

You're wondering if you should back up your emails or CRM

You want to make compliance-friendly data management decisions.

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