Is your team distracted by IT or cybersecurity problems? 




Are you losing sleep at night wondering if your data is secure? Or maybe you have a third-party (government agency or client) asking you to complete a data security questionnaire. 


IT Issues


From file storage to managing email accounts to team collaboration tools to your server and purchasing hardware. There are always seem to be new challenges in making everything work. 


Phone System Problems


Is your phone system not performing how you need it? Are you having trouble getting the support you need to make changes or ensuring you are staying connected to your team and customers? 

Technology Solutions

How we can help you

These are just a few of the many outcomes we provide our clients.


More uptime

We ensure you install and maintain quality equipment and tools and we make sure they run well. 


Rapid response

As much as we are proactive, things do break sometimes. We have a team available 24/7 to troubleshoot your issue. 


Get the next big deal

Don't miss out on the next big deal. Make sure you meet your vendor's or future clients' technology standards!


Save money

Get compliant without the high upfront costs and high ongoing expenses with services like SOC2 or HIPAA.


Lower the cost of IT

Effective cybersecurity helps your infrastructure run more smoothly and reduces your overall IT support costs. 


Confidence & peace of mind

More protection means more peace of mind = less stress = happiness


Stronger defenses

We recommend and help our clients implement solutions that build a stronger fortress for your data. 


More scalable

Our solutions work for start-ups to enterprise size organizations. We grow with you!


Faster incident response

We identify leaks or possible securities risk many times faster than our clients or their third-parties. Faster response + less damage.

 Hear what our clients have to say about us:

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if your organization was not wasting time dealing with IT issues.

We believe that it’s OK for you not to be an IT expert. That’s why we have designed our solutions to alleviate the cybersecurity & IT burdens to allow your team to focus on revenue-generating activities. 

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What's next?

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Step 2: We'll Build A Plan

After we discuss your needs, we'll create a custom plan based on your team's needs and budget. 


Step 3: Focus More On Revenue-Generating Activities

We will implement our IT services and get your team back to revenue-generating activities. 

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Who we are

At NW Techs, we feel your frustration and know you want a team that is focused on the activities that make your organization revenueWe help teams all around the country focus on what makes their company succeed by ensuring their IT supports their mission. We love tech so you do not have to.  

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